What does happiness at work mean to you in a time where work stress seems to be occupational disease number one? Whoever is happy in his or her job, is likely to be less stressed. In addition, happy employees are more productive, loyal, creative and involved. For WOMEN Inc. I shot portraits of five people who each have a different take on what happiness at work means to them.

“Don’t see waste, see food for creativity”

“Don’t see waste, see food for creativity”

The Upcycle

The Upcycle is born out of necessity. The necessity to look further and differently at what is already around us. Out of the box, innovative, inspirational, socially driven, creative, technical and design, are all terms that represent their essence. Things that would otherwise be destroyed are now remade into cool, durable and useful items. For the Upcycle I shot product photo’s for their new webshop.


Endless Summer

These guys sure know how to kite and luckily also how to transfer their skills and knowledge onto other people. With their mobile kiteschool they simply go where the conditions are best. It’s more than just a lesson, they indulge you in a way of life and a mighty fun one at that. For Endless Summer I made impression shots and portraits of their instructors.